Beach Soccer English

Marcio Cabral teacher is one of the great admirers of this beautiful institution, so he is a collaborator. Come join this team, too. For a better world, complaining is a right, but above all HELPING is a DUTY/ SHALL “Marcio Cabral”


Like soccer in the field and futsal, beach soccer practiced here in Brazil is considered the best of the world. There is also to be praised the beach soccer practiced in Portugal, because there as here also has an excellent beach soccer.

The interesting thing about beach soccer is that the athlete also builds an excellent skill to the time, because as it is practiced in the sand and normally the sands are uneven, this requires of each practitioner a greater effort than with the passage of time, pass acquire an excellent ball domain. In addition, it offers the athletes an excellent physical condition, because the fact of being played normally in soft sands, requires of each athlete an even greater effort. It is very common to say that the athlete who plays beach soccer and then goes to play futsal and field soccer, happens to have a speed and a resistance greater than the other athletes who do not practice the beach soccer.

Famous former players also played much beach socceer as ZICO, JUNIOR of the Brazilian field soccer team in 1982-1986 and so many other famous athletes.

To complete this excellent schedule, after each match, all athletes can refresh themselves on the beaches. It really is all good …. a complete program: beach soccer + sea bath + coconut water.