Futsal English

Like football on the pitch, futsal is highly practiced here in Brazil, being considered also one of the best futsal in the world. In recent times there were two players who were considered by the world press as the best players of all times, were the athletes MANOEL TOBIAS and the latest FALCÃO. In the same way that in the USA the child is born learning to play basketball, here in Brazil futsal is not different, that is, every public school, private, social clubs and also on the streets, have blocks for the practice of this sport ..
Many … thousands … athletes or famous former athletes who play or play field football, started their careers first playing this sport, because it is in futsal that athletes get a huge skill, such as short dribbles, ball control and a very fast to continue with each move.

Here in Brazil, it is often said that futsal is the great trampoline (path) for professional field soccer.

Although we could mention dozens of famous athletes who began their professional careers in futsal, we highlight only two: ZICO and RONALDO PHENOMENA.

Athletes and students from all countries who want to practice a good futsal are invited to come to Brazil, certainly here they will find total conditions to learn or improve their skills and who may play for Brazilian teams.