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This sport, better known as futevôlei was created and developed in Brazil and is now practiced in many countries, including official and international competitions.
As the name itself is saying, football is a mixture of football and volleyball, that is, usually played in double forms, with a net dividing in two parts the court equally to traditional volleyball, with the exception of the hands, must be played with any other part of the body.

It can be played up to four players on each side, but most of the time it is played with only two players on each side.

Although there are world competitions, football is the favorite sport of ordinary people as well as famous people like professional football players and artists …. It is very common to see famous players playing football in their holiday moments. It is a sport that unites sports with a beautiful moment of leisure, because by being played normally on the beach, gives the players of the football at the end of each game a wonderful and refreshing swim in the sea for soon afterwards savor a delicious and natural coconut water.