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If you want to be a professional player in the future, this is your great opportunity. You will make football tests, organized by Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira and supervised and analyzed by the famous and important brazilian clube GRÊMIO FOOT-BALL PORTO ALEGRENSE. You can play also two friendly matches in Portugal agaisnt important clubes from first league: CLUBE DE FUTEBOL OS BELENENSES and maybe GRUPO DESPORTIVO CHAVES. You also will visit two beautiful countries: Brazil and Portugal. You can also participate of program for football -base category of the very important e famous club from Portugal BENFICA. We will send your DVD to others professional clubs too. Please don´t forget !! This oportunidade is only for 22 players.

This event (field test) is organized by the Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira. Please read the folder above and the text below.

ATTENTION !!!! Opportunity for only 22 athletes. This will increases the chances of athletes to be approved

Full price: U$ 950 ( All structure included – Field + accommodation for 4 days + complete food + bus to event + tourism in Rio de Janeiro + DVD + Staff + organization of the event by Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira.) OR

Discount price: U$ 750 Without some options above. No accommodation + no food + no tourism + no transportation in Rio. This price include: Field + staff + organization of the event + bus to event + DVD. We will send DVDs to brazilian and european Clubs ( mainly Portugal )

The Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, one of the most famous clubs in Brazil and the world, will evaluate the athletes in the field tests that will be held by the Luso-Brazilian Football School on 16 and 17 November 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, without charge of any value/ free of charge. BUT all players will pay for all structure offered by Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira. Certainly this is a great possibility for young athletes to become professional athletes. In January 2019 we will play two friendly matches in PORTUGAL. E-MAIL INFORMATION: marciocabralmarques@gmail.com We will send soon all informations, inclusive financial conditions, about two friendly matches in Portugal.

The DVDs of the athletes that are not approved by GRÊMIO will be sent to other professional clubs, including Portugal. The evaluation and analyse of the players will be gratis / free from Grêmio FPA, BUT the players will need to pay all structure of event, inclusive the service from Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira. Please see the folder

The Luso Brazilian Soccer School is an official partner documented in the ELITE TRAINING CAMPS Program of the International Soccer Department of SPORT AND LISBOA BENFICA, the largest club in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe.

It is confirmed the match friendly base category, against the famous and traditional Portuguese CLUBE DE FUTEBOL OS BELENENSES. The date of match will be exactly in the future.

On 16/17 November 2018, the Luso-Brazilian Football School will offer field tests for players between 16 and 18 years of age. This event will be in the city of Rio de Janeiro and It has the authorization of the evaluation and recruitment department of Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense. We can send you more information by email. marciocabralmarques@gmail.com The evaluation and analyse of the players will be gratis / free from Grêmio FPA, BUT the players will need to pay all structure of event, inclusive the service from Escola de Futebol Luso Brasileira. Please see the folder


Dear Friends,

We would like to ask permission from all readers to talk about Teacher Marcio Cabral in personal and professional aspects … In this way everyone will be able to know a little more about his work of high quality and with an excellent professionalism, but also everyone will know a little more about his personal life and what he thinks about life, his sense of life
Teacher Marcio Cabral, has the full conviction, the total certainty that many people will read and will criticize the website and will not even develop professional works, many people (mainly the ignorants, (“in the good sense”) will understand that Marcio Cabral is mixing religion with work. The Teacher Marcio Cabral, thanks very much for the opportunity and affirms that as or more important than a professional success is the victory of being able to speak a little more about his greater idol that is Jesus Christ.

Marcio Cabral teacher is one of the great admirers of this beautiful institution, so he is a collaborator. Come join this team too. For a better world, complaining is a right, but helping is an obligation of our part. “Marcio Cabral”

Marcio Cabral understands the following

A) All people has or possessed one or more idols, for example, there are people who like, admire and would like to do tribute to: Pelé, Ayrton Senna, Zico, Maradona, Messi, Neymar, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Gandhi, Barack Obama, Lula and many others. Why teacher Marcio Cabral could not do a homage to the leader and also to be human JESUS CHRIST?

B) The Master Jesus Christ that teacher Marcio Cabral admires very much, did not found and never even spoke of any religion. He spoke only of love, forgiveness and justice ……. that same love, forgiveness and justice that human beings lack so much in order to have a more worthy humanity.

Therefore, based on these two points above, Professor Marcio Cabral, understands that it is a biggest mistake of all people, especially the most” ignorants”, who think that talking about Jesus is talking about religion. It is truly a biggest mistake to think this way, because as we have already said, if Jesus Christ never founded a religion and did not even speak of any religious doctrine, it will not be us who will speak. We are speaking of a man, a leader, who has never been equal in all times of humanity. Let’s see below:

1) Who was that divided the world basically in two periods? Was any of these artists, athletes, and politicians? Or was Jesus?
2) If we have a check to receive at the bank and this check does not have the date alluding to Jesus’ birth, the bank simply does not pay us, right?
3) If we sign any contract, a small value contract or a billionaire contract, if this document does not have a date alluding to the birth of Jesus, this contract has not any value, correct?
So, to show that Jesus was and continues being the most important man who ever stepped on the earth, we necessarily don´t need to talk about the right religion?
The Prof. Marcio Cabral, is absolutely certain that all of us can and should be excellent professionals….. professionals of the highest competence, through our profession, we can help all our brothers in Christ who often ask us for only a piece of bread, a glass of milk, a plate of food, a sweater, a medicine, a care, a fraternal hug that we all have in abundance.
And finally, Prof. Marcio Cabral, would like to remember two messages, spoken by Master Jesus Christ.


Caution!!! Who has eyes to see who see, who has ears to listen to hear !!!

Professor Marcio Cabral thanks everyone for the opportunity not only to develop a professional work of the highest quality, but also for the opportunity he had to bring to all those who did not know or who had forgotten, the messages of the one who was and continues to be the most important man that humanity knew: JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus Said more :
Professor Marcio Cabral, is an admirer and collaborator of this beautiful institution MEDICAL WITHOUT BORDERS.

Dear friend! Perhaps you are one of those who rightly says that the world is violent and unequal. But, please, excuse me to ask a question:

1) What are you doing / helping to improve this situation? Claim is our right, but to help is more than a right, it is an obligation of each of us. I hope we can make the change we want to the world firstly in us . Remember, we will not change the world without first changing ourselves.
So, do not just complain about it, do something for the benefit of those who, unlike each of us have not the same luck and who today ask only for a medicine, a sweater, a piece of bread, a care / love we all have in abundance .
The Institution MEDICS WITHOUT BORDERS does not need to thank me at all, on the contrary, I (Marcio Cabral) must thank for the opportunity to help my brothers and sisters in Christ most in need through my work. Dear Friend, Who knows, you also may be useful to our brothers through your work?


Important 1: The Luso-Brazilian Football School, through Professor Marcio Cabral, has the great honor to communicate that it has signed a documented official partnership with the International Soccer Department of SPORT AND LISBOA BENFICA, which is the most important club in Portugal and one of the most important clubs in Europe, regarding the Elite Training Camps Program. Therefore, we can take young athletes to Portugal to do training.
Important 2: The friendly match against the famous traditional Portuguese club of the 1st division is confirmed. BELENENSES FOOTBALL CLUB. Is it just missing exactly the right day?

The Luso – Brazilian Football School was founded by Professor Marcio Cabral with the objective of offering youngsters with skill or not, from several countries, but especially young people from Brazil and Portugal, the opportunity to practice some sports that certainly in Portugal and mainly in Brazil have a high popularity: Soccer, Futsal, Futevôlei and Beach Soccer. We always remember that Prof. Marcio Cabral is not and does not work as an agent for athletes. He has only one large contact with several sports professionals in particular soccer. Therefore, he has no interest in mediating contacts between athletes and soccer official agents or clubs. Prof. Marcio Cabral, may, with his great knowledge, be able to deliver the videos of the athletes to the clubs and agents, but without any professional interest. The goal of the Luso-Brazilian Football School is to try to get some friendly games and logically these matches will be great opportunities for athletes to show their skills to professional clubs and also to official agents. If any player has interest in these clubs and agents, the athletes themselves and their managers can and should talk directly to them without any intermediation from Marcio Cabral and the Luso-Brazilian Football School. Unless athletes and their parents ask Prof. Marcio to helps in this direction, but for this to happen, a written request from the responsible athletes and parents will be required.
The exchange between the young people of Portugal and Brazil will certainly contribute immensely to the technical, physical, mental, social and cultural development of the youth of these two countries, as well as the opportunity to be seen by clubs and official agents. In addition to this sports exchange, we also offer musical concerts and a beautiful penthouse apartment (up to 8 people) to be rented to families and executives. Only 300 meters from the beach.

Marcio Cabral

Dear friends!!!! Obviously, I will have a great honor in developing with clubs and athletes a professional contact, aiming to build partnerships on football and certainly due to my great experience I feel totally capable to offer a work of the highest quality and professionalism, with hotels in front of the beach, excellent restaurants, comfortable buses, games in the field of our ex-ZICO star, contacts with current and former famous players of world-wide fame, all in the best and most beautiful district of Rio de Janeiro, named Barra da Tijuca beach.


In 1999, Marcio Cabral was graduated as a soccer coach by the Union of Professional Trainers of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
In 1986, graduated a Black belt of karate 3rd dan, by the International Karate Shotokan in Japan.
In 1981, he graduated in Physical Education Teacher
In 1974 he was a junior soccer player.
In 1972 he was a juvenile football player.

Currently, as a professional, Teacher Marcio is a discoverer of new talents for soccer. He organizes several sporting events, such as: soccer tournaments, karate and rustic races, is also agent of the singer Raick Maués that has two shows: Luso Brazilian Nights and Eternal Love. Please visit the Luso show page.

Currently Professor Marcio Cabral is a volunteer, dedicating a few days of his life weekly to the works of Master Jesus in two charities associations .

ATTENTION: Professor Marcio Cabral is not an athlete’s agent and the Luso-Brazilian Football School is also not a football agency and not even a football team. THE LUSO BRASILEIRA FOOTBALL SCHOOL IS ONLY A PARTICULAR INITIATIVE OF THE PROFESSOR MARCIO CABRAL, WHICH HAS A PURPOSE, THROUGH AN EXCHANGE, TO PROVIDE TO THE YOUNG ATHLETES AN OPPORTUNITY TO GROW SOCIALLY, CULTURALLY AND TO BE FOOTBALL PLAYERS. BEING SO THE PROF. MARCIO CABRAL AND THE LUSO BRASILEIRA FOOTBALL SCHOOL DO NOT AGENCY PLAYERS, ONLY THEY ENTER INTO CONTACTS WITH CLUBS IN ORDER TO GET FRIENDLY GAMES. However, nothing prevents them from presenting the best athletes to professional clubs and official agents, without having to play the role of agents. If interested, the athletes interested and of good technical qualities will be able to send us a video and certainly these videos will be delivered to the clubs and official agents. But, we want to make it clear and without any doubt, that both Prof. Marcio Cabral and EFLB are not agents of players and therefore, any and all conversation should be made exclusively between the athletes, agents and clubs concerned, Marcio Cabral and EFLB any liability or any intermediation. The delivery service of the videos of the athletes that are part of the exchange will be totally free, but will be charged a value for the video delivery service of athletes that are NOT part of the exchange.